This is the official website of the Heidi Search Center

This is the official website of the Heidi Search Center. We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families locate their missing loved ones. We envision communities that are safe from any threat of abduction and exploitation. We are based in Mesa, az but we extend our services to neighboring communities and beyond.

The history of the Heidi Search Center shows that it started in tragedy when one girl named Heidi Lynn Seeman was abducted while she was walking home from a friend’s house. But what started as tragedy quickly gave way to hope as people got out of their Mesa garage doors to volunteer their time, resources, and efforts to help find missing children and adults and bring them back to their families. We saw their commitment to ensuring safe neighborhoods and communities.

Studies have shown that 20% of our youth run away from home at least two times even before they reach 18 years of age. Unfortunately, one-third of them is trapped into the snares of sexual trafficking within 48 hours from leaving their homes. The Heidi Search Center has been a trusted partner in searching for these missing children and even adults. 71.15% of our cases are runaway cases. We are proud to say that we have a 98% resolution rate and the missing persons are found alive 94% of the time. Still, it brings us such grief and sorrow that 4% of the cases we handle are found dead. That is why we strengthen our efforts to raise awareness for community safety. We also work hand in hand with law enforcers and government agencies to ensure the protection of children and adults especially from the threat of abduction and exploitation.

This website allows you to create, display, and download a missing person’s picture along with important information on how to bring him or her back to his family. The missing persons’ picture and information will also be posted on our site. We have separate sections for Missing Children and Missing Adults. The Heidi Search Center is also rich in resource materials for the safety of children and adults against abduction, sexual trafficking, exploitation, and cybercrimes. We also organize support groups for families of missing persons so that they can release their emotions and receive the assistance that they need during these trying times in their lives.

Our service at Heidi Search Center is free of charge. Our operations are funded through the donations that we receive from private and public companies and concerned individuals. We organize rummage sales, golf tournaments, bike runs, marathons, and other fundraising events to augment our operational needs. We have also partnered with Hope Initiative Campaign and Go Fund Me to raise funds so that we can continue our community service. Check out our website to find out how you can help support our advocacy.

Let us all keep the spirit of volunteerism alive. Let us use our time, efforts, and resources for a good cause. Let us all work together in reuniting families and keeping our communities safe.