“On behalf of my family, we want to thank the Heidi Search Center for being instrumental in helping us find my little brother. It is so hard to lose a loved one, not knowing if he is safe or eating properly or sleeping well. It is especially hard when the one you lose is still a little kid who does not know much about taking care of himself or protecting himself from bad people. We really thank God that a lovely couple took him in and provided for his needs. But still, it was a grueling two weeks for our family. My mother could not sleep nor eat and we could not talk to her properly. She was really devastated. She just kept crying the whole time. I know my dad was just pretending to be strong for our family. He kept himself busy by following up police reports and checking different shelters to search for my baby brother. We lost him in the park when he was playing with other kids. Unfortunately, he seemed to follow another kid that he was playing with and we did not notice that he was gone. It all happened so fast. One minute we could see them playing together, the next minute they were nowhere to be found. We lost him amidst all the children and their parents who were having fun in the park. We searched all over the park and other nearby establishments. We reported the incident to the police who promised to do their best to help us. We also turned to Heidi Search Center for assistance. We posted my little brother’s pictures all over the vicinity and online. And thank God, the couple saw the pictures while they were browsing online and contacted us immediately. It feels so good to be reunited with my little brother. Thank you so much, Heidi Search Center.”

– Lily Ann Chu of Los Angeles, California