Heidi Search Center

Heidi Search Center is the trusted partner for families and communities in searching for missing children and adults across Texas and beyond. We work with law enforcement, social workers, and concerned agencies to help locate missing persons. We also provide resource materials, training, seminars, and referrals in pursuit of our advocacy. We have developed an educational program to strengthen our awareness campaign on the importance of safety and security. We have been a trusted institution for decades and recognized for our contribution in bringing families together.

The Heidi Search Center was founded in 1990 after a girl named Heidi Lyn Seeman was abducted near their home in Northeast San Antonio. She was last seen walking from a friend’s house and was on her way home when the incident happened. Volunteers stepped up to locate the missing girl. Although it had a tragic ending, it gave the people a reason to rise up to the call of volunteerism to ensure that the children and adults in their communities were safe and protected from harm.

Our service at Heidi Search Center is free of charge. Our operations are funded through the donations that we receive from private and public companies and concerned individuals. It is our joy and pleasure to fulfill our mission of bringing home the lost members of the family and seeing their happy faces upon being reunited with their loved ones. It is our dream to see communities living freely and safely – protected from the threat of exploitation and abduction. Keeping families and communities safe is our number one priority.

We are proud of Heidi Search Center because we know that we have made a difference in our society. Our diligent efforts have given us a 98% resolution rate for the missing person cases that we handle. We are glad to inform you that 94% of those persons were found alive and were successfully reunited with their families.